Cold weather


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Hi all,

I must say my decision for put hay around ( most) of my crotons worked out for me. The ones that I didn't hay ... pie crust, coppenger (sp), Mrs. Iceton, and a small handful of others I don't know the name of are either dead or have an 2-3 inch little sticks with a few leaves emerging from the bottom.

I heavily hayed Stoplight, Magnificent, Pinocchio , Freckles, And they didn't suffer much at all. The only exception was Mona Lisa. Even with hay it suffered horribly. I felt they were slow growers and that I had to do something to protect them. I kept it on them for about 8 weeks. And the plants were all small. No bigger than 3 -4 foot.

I am in zone 10A but it felt like Jacksonville. I don't come close to have the varieties that you all do. But I now feel that I will take a chance with some of the other crotons that I have been eye balling :)
Thanks for some positive feedback. Glad to hear it all worked out.

After the cold months, do you just spread the hay as mulch around, or do you gather it back up?

I spread some of it around and some goes in the compost pile. It really isn't nice to look at so most HOA s will freek out if you do your front yard.