Chocolate Dancer


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Chocolate Dancer is said to be a sport of Miss Andrea that has slightly darker markings on the leaves. At times I think it is just another name stuck on the Miss Andrea and other times I think not. The winter and spring months the colors darken more on the C. Dancer than I observe on Miss Andrea.


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That looks very different than Miss Andrea to me. I have a lot of Miss Andrea - so I hope I get one of those sports someday. I like it a lot. But so far I don't think I have one. I'll have to give all of mine a closer look.


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It looks quite different from my Miss Andrea as well. The Miss Andrea in my garden have more cream and less green. Chocolate Dancer looks like a nice addition to the Miss Andrea derived cultivars.


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I will update the photos of C. Dancer in the summer when the colors look like the Miss Andrea. Took this photo of Miss Andrea today.