I have made it a practice, due to several reasons (some of them practical), to have at least one photo uploaded before creating a page. I can't really create a blank page. I have to have something to put on it.

BTW - It is not difficult to add a page yourself. If you are somewhat familiar with looking at the Wiki Syntax under the "edit tab," you can upload a photo and place it on a page you create, and then save it, and voila!!! - a new page.

The only 'tricky' part is creating the page on which to place the photo. First go to the search box on the left sidebar and type in the name of the palm, using the same format (Caps, etc) that the other species have. Make sure it is spelled correctly. Then click go, and you will see an option to "create this page." Click on it.

Then just add some text, or a photo - save the page, and it's done. In order to have it appear and indexed correctly, you then need to add a "Category" tag. You can see how those are added by again looking at the Syntax at the bottom of any species page.