Can Anyone ID???


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This is from someone who emailed me. An obviously new palm enthusiast. Does anyone recognize it?

"The attached pictures are my presentation in short about my palm beauty, the palm lady full view, palm cherries ready to harvest, germinated seeds in paper cups, short palm planted in pot adorning the front of my consultation chamber. She and all these are my interesting work lately. Please identify and advise. I got her as a sapling twenty years back along with other plants. Now she is very important to me."

IMG_20150324_174814_1.jpg IMG_20151022_092935.jpg IMG_20151022_093132_1.jpg IMG_20160127_092202.jpg IMG_20160114_150525_1.jpg IMG_20160213_115300.jpg IMG_20160213_114815.jpg
Can you describe the best model for my palm for her propagation- mother palm care, good nutrition for best results in seeds, processing, seeding and germination techniques and growing. I would like to improve my methods.
Some advice regarding the marketing and selling of my palm saplings of 2/3 shoots ( I am having about thousand nos.) the price suggestion applicable in your area etc.
Some pictures more of my palm.


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There are just too many variables to advise you on growing techniques. But many are obvious - such as good rich well draining soil, adequate (but not too much) water, light shade when young, becoming more sunny with age (but that depends on the species - understory or emergent), good fertilization and pest/disease management, etc.

If you know how to grow healthy plants, palms are no different.

If you wish to try and sell anything, our Auction Site might be a place to try. Click the "Auctions" tab in the top menu.

As far as a positive ID - that may never be possible. Palm people argue constantly about palm names and identities. There are thousands of different species, and new ones still being discovered. But most Euterpes have similar requirements. So, that is a good start.
Thank you dean for the guidance. I wish to post more pictures and requests later on. Expecting more replies from other palm lovers.
Don't forget to visit the Home Site and read the many different articles available there. What you may find of particular interest are the audio video slideshows of many rare and new species of palms and discussions of what they are and misc. information. Check it out here.