Blechnum brasiliense - A Miniature Tree Fern


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I can never get enough of these ferns when they are flushing. They are like a miniature tree fern, so can go just about anywhere. Sometimes they flush twice a year and when they do, they are hard to miss. Blechnum brasiliense.

I have grown these successfully in coastal So. California

IMG_2830.jpg IMG_2832.jpg IMG_2831.jpg
Very water needy. One good hard dry out and they are dead. Here's my Cyathea almost bit the dust around October...the long dry summer and my trying to save water caused a near loss of all was down to 2 when I watered it after a three day drought in a heatwave.
Only gartersnakes. They hardly count. I know what you mean though Dr. So many visitors who grew up in the tropics do ask me that question. Specifically, Tree Snakes. I guess those are widespread.
But here? Nothing but mouse eating snakes. Not a single species of tree snakes in California...Rattlesnakes in hot areas of California. Again,in the urban bay area proper? Not warm enough. Well,I've seen shed skins of rattlers in the hills. Even then,they were young ones.
Here, people use moth ball flakes and crushed garlic to repel snakes. These are very effective indoor as well as outdoor. Here, only harmless snakes dwell. But dangerous ones like cobra and viper is introduced locally by Timber traders. Big logs from deep forests carry these unknowingly.