Any ideas on this one?


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Got this croton recently at same place. No tag or employee help. I really love the colors. Medium green leaves with heavy dark gold or orange spotting and some pink spotting. No red or yellow. The petioles are beautiful with maroon midsection and short green sections on branch and leaf sides. I forgot to add anything for scale, but they are in 3-gallon pots and you can see the pots for scale of leaves. Any ideas? Thanks so much! :cool: Ana
Hi Ana,
I could only see the picture when I clicked to enlarge it. Your croton looks like a Franklin Roosevelt to me.
Thanks Marie. I didn't think it was because the colors are so different from my FDR. This one has no red or yellow. The leaves are much larger also. Only oranges and pinks with the green background. However, I just looked at my FDR and the petioles are the same! Not the upper ones, but the older ones. Can there be clones of the same thing that are much superior? I'm thinking of both the Bravo and this FDR. Thanks for the insight.
Looks almost like an FDR but not quite - no shoulders on the leaves near the base. FDR is pretty stable but has some variation due primarily to cultural conditions, i.e., light, humidity, water, etc... Just took a look at my FDRs and none have the strong red midrib - but Golden Glow does. So my bet is Golden Glow, another nice Coppinger plant