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great big leaves thought it was a caribbean star just have no clue


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Andy, pictures 3 and 4 sure look like Sybil Griffin. Are pictures 1 and 2 the same plant?
I'm not too sure, the petioles are very long. But it's not Caribbean Star or Sybil Griffen. Sybil has pretty large shoulders, then tappers in and has a flared, rounded leaf tip. CS has mainly reds and blacks and a pretty distinct, vein leaf.
Hello Andy I think your plant is Mardi gras according to Johnny Sheldon. I will also say that this plant is known as Sybil Griffin II
somewhere in the bowels of this site is a thread on Sybil Griffin with pics of at least two types - very distinct and big side lobes and then the round shouldered one as in the pics above. Also a green and yellow form.
If you look at the wiki photos under Sybil Griffin, the ones that say "picture by Jeff Searle" resemble your plant. I have a Sybil Griffin that resembles yours. The color is more like photos 3 & 4, and at times during the year it is in almost full sun. Your plant looks like it doesn't get as much sun- is that true?
Hello Andy I think your plant is Mardi gras according to Johnny Sheldon. I will also say that this plant is known as Sybil Griffin II
Jose, I have a croton that I got from Jeff that was tagged Sybil Griffin Large Leaf Form. It appears to be a bit different than Sybil Griffin. Do you think that the croton I am describing is the same as Sybil Griffin 2, just different names?
No sun this time of year and little sun rest of the year.
Bill got 2 cuttings from some one a few years ago, Both have been planted at my house
I am looking for the other one and for comparison and will be visiting where he got them from soon
If you go to page 114, you will see two pictures of SG. I learned many years ago that there were two forms, one larger than the other. The top picture appears to have the smaller leaf and the rounded tip is not nearly as big or pronounced as the picture below it. Either way, the croton mentioned above, looks nothing like a SG. Not even close. Doesn't even have the right color pattern. I can't put a name on the one above.
Jeff, please look in the wiki at the photos marked "picture by Jeff Searle" or "large form in Jeff Searle garden". Are you saying these are not SG or that Andy's plant is not the same as these and therefore not SG?:confused:
My photos in the Wiki are SG. The larger leaf form. They have the classic leaf tip. I just don't see it in Andy's pictures. And again I would love to see the croton in person, just to be sure.
Ok. This is my interpretation from what occurs in my plant in my yard. I bought this plant as Sybil Griffin, large leaf form. From the wiki photos, I believe this is correct. As you can see, my plant is still rather small. It has been in almost full shade the last three months, but before that was in 1/2-3/4 day full sun. As my plant has had a number of flushes in its Sarasota location, each subsequent flush has had leaves with more pronounced shoulders and a more developed, flared tip (leaf from last flush in second photo). You can see that the new flush brings leaves with even more developed shoulders and tip. Previously, in the lower part of the plant, the leaves had either no shoulders (early flushes in photos 3 and 4), or very soft, non-prominent shoulders (flush that was a bit later,photo 5). I see Andy's plant as being in that stage. The coloring, although a little lighter in color (less sun), has the same type of markings and the same type of petioles. My petioles may be a bit perkier and a smidgen shorter, but remember all the full sun it has had for the last year. To me, Andy's plant looks like mine maybe 9 months ago.

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