...and then,there is the California look.


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That's the anything and everything goes look. Because,it can be done. Howea's and tree Aloes and Euphorbia's. I have a nice Chamaedorea seifritzii in there in a corner. THATS a tough palm.
That's very nice. That looks like a young, coconut palm, even though I know that it's not. It looks like a scene that you would see at at low elevations on the west side of the Big Island. :)


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I enjoy any garden that has plants in it that you rarely see. It is easy to spot someone who has shopped around at the eccletic nurseries looking for the uncommon and appealling.


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Thanks Dean,RR. I appreciate that. Its a balance this far north of whats doable and not seen in everybody else's yard . This is the bay area, 37n,and north of Santa Barbara these are not common- at all. There isn't a single larger Howea in town that I've ever seen.
Now that I think of it,even Agave americana variegata has mostly disappeared from yards in the bay area. Talk about "fallen out of favor".