Amherstia nobilis


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Amherstia nobilis, or The Pride of Burma, is one of my favorite trees. I am glad mine is doing so well.

I purchased this one about 6-8 months ago. It was in a 3 gal. pot with 90% of the roots into the ground. I had to butcher it when I ripped it up. And then to make matters worse, it keep wilting from lack of adequate roots.

But as you can see, it is bouncing back nicely with new leaves, and even has two flowers. I can't wait until next year when it's fully established.


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We need to collect a list of all of the 'Pride of ....' plants. I have an Echium candicans, 'Pride of Madiera' flowers as of yet but later there should be.

There must be others.

BTW, Dean, your looks to be a beauty....
Good deal. I always check simply out of curiosity. I have heard some big price tags on these when they are available.
Very nice specimen you have there, Dean. Usually the new flush are not that red. How much sun do you give yours? They are very expensive here in Australia.. as they are only a few trees in the country and they don't produce seeds until recently (so I have been told). So before, they have to be marcotted.

They are my 'holy grail' trees....

Regards, Ari :)

You would probably know better than me, but they look like they would root from simple cuttings. I really butchered the root system on this one, and it didn't seem to mind at all.

I think I'll clip a limb tomorrow and give it a try. It is spring here, and it looks like it wants to grow.
Not sure about cuttings, Dean. Even marcotting is very hit and miss. Some years, they take no worries... and others, most of them failed. I know a friend in Thailand has to marcot them as well. Of course, if you can get fresh seeds, they are easy to germinate.

Regards, Ari :)
I can keep going about handkerchief trees... They are all my favourite trees... :) :).

Regards, Ari :)
Since I am not very ashamed of my ignorance............

I am assuming that the above tree is related to the Amherstia because the leaves look so similar. So I'm guessing that it too has nice droopy new foliage. Is this where the "handerchief" moniker comes from?

The new leaves for me on the Amherstia are as cool as the flower. Do the new leaves on the Saracca have any color?
Saracca thaipengensis is very variable. Some of the new leaves are just pinkish, but some are almost purple. They are faster than Amherstia in my experience.

Yes, they are called handkerchief trees because of the habit of the new growth. Another very cool one to get would be Maniltoa and Brownea, especially B. grandiceps with mottled brown new growth. I wish I could take photos of my trees, but they are way too small at the moment... nothing to look at.

Regards, Ari :)