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Perry Edge

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I try to visit as many botanical gardens as possible, and I recently made an incredible discovery, well off the beaten path. Outside the tiny town of Williston (about 120 miles north of Tampa Bay), a dentist has created a botanical garden from an abandoned limestone quarry. Keep in mind, it can get as cold as 20-25 degrees F. in that part of Florida! But the deep chasms, combined with water in them, have created a micro-climate where tropical plants can grow.
During a tour, I was stunned to see a Victoria Goldbell, as healthy as it could be. The caretaker said it had been there about 5 years. It hadn't grown very big, but there it was. I saw many other tropical plants, some familiar, others I'd never seen before. There were waterfalls all over the place. It is named Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens. Here's a link: