? Airlayers?


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I have done small airlayers in the past, but this spring was the first for trying larger airlayers. My Lillian Stoffregen has over grown her spot and I decided to lower her top about a foot or so. These air layers have 3- 5 stems on them and with new growth pushed out this spring the airlayers are now about 2 ft tall. I used a handful of moss and the roots have now filled that handful of moss. My feeling now is the new moss root ball may not handle the air layers when I cut them. Should I add more moss now or go with it as is?
Scott, in my limited experience with air layers, if this was my plant, I would go ahead and cut it off. When I have an air layer that seems to be too big for the new root system that has developed, I put some kind of stake in with the plant to help it from moving in the pot too much. I haven't lost one yet this way. That's just my experience though. Others may tell you differently.
Thanks guys! I went ahead a removed them so the new shoots that have sprouted below the air layer can grow.