Acacia dealbata. Naturalized in the SF eastbay.


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Maybe other parts of the bay area also- but I can only vouch its doing great in Hayward- Castro valley where it makes small groves in bands on hill sides. Interesting how it sticks to those bands- not above or below the band you find them in.
This is also called the Silver Wattle. Native to Australia and Tazmania where it grows with Blu Gums. Of course- you see it here with gums!
I was told that Acacia pollen is heavy and that its a myth they are bad for allergy's. I can't verify that. They do fine with no other water but rains...BUT,I notice they like wet ravines or creek hillsides or at the base of hills where there seems to be some shallow groundwater. Yet,many other plants would fold up once our rain less late spring and summers roll around. These thrive.
Thanks Ed. Now,its wait until June and Jacaranda season with a smattering of Brachychiton blooms mixed in.
I drove by today (foggy) Dean and noticed that those tree's are sort of a nice rust color right now. Faded blooms or pods? I wasn't close enough.