A Surprisingly Colorful Palm


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Going to Jeff and Suchin Marcus' Floribunda Nursery and Garden is like a Disneyland for adult palm freaks. Although I have been there dozens of times, there is always a new "ride." :)

This undescribed Reinhardtia was screaming out for a photo today. And I was told that when ripe the seeds are blue. How's that for color???


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How cool is that? Thanks for posting the pic. Another palm at Marcus' property that I was previously unfamiliar with, and another one on the wish list. I was there 4 or 5 years ago, and knew much, much less about palms than I do today. To say I was overwhelmed and completely humbled is putting it lightly. I clearly remember the row of Neoveitchia, and the pair of Areca macrocalyx, and how in awe I was at the sight of them. At the time, I didn't even realize who I was meeting, and what a big deal it was to go to his property. Sean at HTBG recommended that I give him a call after we toured that beautiful site. What a great suggestion!:)
:cool: That is one really nice looking palm. Thanks for sharing the photo Dean.