A Perspective on Cordylines - Tall Ti Plants


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It dawned on me that almost all of the pics we have of Ti plants and Crotons are close-ups of the leaves, and don't show the growth habit of the whole plant.

I have been criticized for letting my Ti plants get too tall and lanky. I know if I cut them they will branch more and become fuller. But for many of them, I have just let then get tall. So I thought I would share and give some perspective on just how tall some of these can get. I would say that many of them are well over 20 ft. I will have to get some more pics with someone for scale stepping in.
IMG_1440PT.jpg IMG_1445PT.jpg IMG_1447PT.jpg IMG_1441PT.jpg IMG_1442PT.jpg IMG_1444PT.jpg IMG_1443PT.jpg
Dean, You just blew my mind, Woot 20 feet tall! I have a few around 10 feet, I can't imagine them at 20. I also like them tall as they remind me of very colorful palms. Great photos!
I think tall ti plants are great as a backdrop for shorter things planted in front of them. Why not plant some more of the same type near the base of your large ones to eventually give the effect of a bushy plant.