A Big Thank You note


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I asked Scott to take a look at my garden and he showed up with a lot of plants that I couldn’t even dream of finding here. All plants are neatly labeled for outdoors :) His experience is amazing!

Now I am taking pictures “before” Scott and then “after”. I was asked to put my house on our garden tour next year and I said no way after only one year of gardening. Now I think I can manage :)
So, speaking of crotons, now I have:
1. Petra
2. Petra Yellow
3. Mammey Red,
4. Mammey Yellow
5. Mrs.Iceton
6. Mrs.Iceton Yellow
7. AFD 7 (Nervia ?)
8. AFD 5 (Fantasy ?)
9. AFD 9 (?)
10. Stoplight
11. Batik Red
12. Freckles
13. Pinocchio
14. Stewartii
15. Eleanor Rooosevelt (Sloppy Painter)
16. King of Siam
17. Gold Dust
18. Gold Dust Punctatun (Pictum)
19. South Pacific
20. Paintbrush Yellow
21. Super Star
22. Gold Star (Gold Finger)
23. Sunny Star
24. Twist and Point
25. Magnificent
26. Multicolor
27. King of Siam
28. Zanzibar
29. Irresistible
30. Lilian Stoffregen
Plus 3 more yet to indentify: one from the raffle at Phil’s presentation; one oak leaf that Scott gave me to watch in progress; and my original unknown (30 years old) :)
WOOOW! Soon I will be able to create my own wish list for trading!
Hi Bullwinkle :). Thank you for being interested I my post :). Scott gave it to me :). You can search for his pictures in here:) .
Supposedly it is happen to be the smaller version of Punctatum. Now they are side-by-side in my garden, so I can see the difference.
BTW, the pictures are coming:rolleyes:.
... I will tell you a bitter truth... With my previous addiction I was killing one digital camera a year by having the waves splashing on it or by dropping it into the ocean :(.
Now I buy my cameras only with 3-years Walmart warranty:). They just gave me my money back for my :oops:cannon G11 :). Right now I have only Cannon G9 (that I bought without a warranty). It is just taking pictures…with the settings that it got frozen on...

I do not think :rolleyes: I will stay on this forum for a long time... I just come, make a noise, and leave...:( There are so many other things in my life to do!!!:D
I am just a trouble maker, I am so very sorry but this is my nature :(.
...But the people that I can bring will stay...

Dean, please, put more smileys here really soon since I am the one having fun here! Where is my "blush"???:mad:
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Pix is putting a lot of hard work into her landscape and it is looking great. Keep up the good work Pix! I really enjoyed meeting you and Richard and had a great time. Thanks for lunch and tell Richard I said Hi also. Thanks again and I will pull together the other plants I was telling you about.