3 Mind Blowing Palms from the Marcus Garden


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I just had the pleasure to purchase and view some of the incredible palms in the Marcus garden. During my dinner with Jeff later that evening, I asked him to guess what were the three palms that blew my mind the most this time around. Although he couldn't guess, I thought I would share them here.

The first is Lemurophoenix. The last time I saw this the old leaf had just fallen off, and the crown was a phosphorescent bright pink - an absolutely unbelievable palm - a monster.

The second is an unidentified Blue Monster. Some say it resembles Dypsis decepiens. But IMO, it is very different than any others I have seen. It is not so much the color, because I have seen pics of some blue tinged DDs. But look at the basal leaflets, and how long and droopy they are - very different than DD. In addition, the crownshaft lacks the heavy white present on many DDs, plus it seems shorter and rounder. Jeff mentioned that when the last sheath fell off this one it was a brilliant orange. This thing is even more impressive in person.

The third is open for debate. It is different than another palm in the garden that J. Dransfield tentatively IDed as D. hovomantsina. This palm was labeled as D. hovomantsina, and has undergone a few changes as it grew into this magnificent specimen. Hard to photograph in its location, this was truly mind blowing now that it is approaching adulthood. The color was killer.

What a trifecta.


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Woah. Any guesses as to what that last one could be? Hovomantsina maybe? It's crazy the leaf morphology change that it's gone through.

It is dangerous to try and put words into Jeff Marcus' mouth. And even more so when it could contradict what J. Dransfield has said. But since Matt in SD has apparently already mentioned what I am about to, I'll venture an opinion.

I think Jeff is not sure which of the D. hovos is the real deal. I think he thinks it possible that JD could have been mistaken, and that the beautiful palm with Angela standing next to it, could be the true D. hovo. As Matt said in a PT topic, when JD saw that palm, it had not yet gone plumose. So, disagree with JD at your own peril, but I think it safe to say it is not a 100% certainty at this point.