Wow - Yeller & Green pictures, What am I seeing ???


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On my way home from voting today, I spotted this croton growing in a yard about 4 blocks from my home. The closer I got to it, the better I liked it. :) Positioned on the north side of the property about 8 feet from the road, it is growing under a small Gumbo Lumbo tree adjacent to a General Paget. Under it appears to be a Franklin Roosevelt. In a relatively open area, it gets alot of sun and no protection from winter's north winds.

The leaves are very nicely veined with a brillant yellow coloring. I estimate that the leaves are between 6 - 8 inches in length. The plant also looks like it naturally maintains a "bushy" appearance without the training of humans. At first glance, I was thinking perhaps a John Bender in mucho sun. I found no red petioles on the leaves however. :confused:

I am clueless as to what cultivar this could be. :confused: Has anyone seen one like it? Any ideas ? The Moose could use your help with an ID. :eek:


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Jeff - I checked the book and the photo. This morning I went back and checked out the plant again. It looks real close to Prince Philip. I'll try and get permission from the owner to put on a small airlayer. :)