Where can I purchase croton cuttings?


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Any one know where I can purchase some cuttings or small plants? I've lost so many but am jonesin' to get back into the game.

I picked up a few around town but have pretty much exhausted the nurseries around these parts. Most just carry the standards. Any help is appreciated.


Phil Stager

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your best bet is to hit up your croton acquaintances for cuttings from plants that did not get fried. About 5-10% of my plants died, another 30% defoliated totally, another 25% partially defoliated, and the rest look pretty good and now have air layers on them. I do know one S. florida nursery that sells cutting at $5 each, but contact me off list (and no it is not Jeff Searle. He sells big plants).


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Bren - Where do you live? I'm in Boca Raton and can give you all sorts of cuttings. I have a bunch of plants that are coming out of the mistbed, as well. No charge for any of this.

Crazy for Crotons

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I can give you some air layers started a couple of weeks ago. I would guess they'd be ready in another month or so. I'm actually going to do a few more this weekend.



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Thanks so much for your kind offer. I'm in St. Pete unfortunately unless you let me send you postage?

You're awesome! I guess you fared better than me with that great oak canopy of yours.
I totally do not mind paying for any of this. There are just no resources around this area and it's frustrating. I don't even see them offered on ebay!