What is it?


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I pulled this photo from one of Jose's albums here on Palmpedia. OK Jose - what is it? I gotta know :cool:


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Hi Moose - This croton looks like Rolling Stones tongue! This plant is called Fascination. The leaves grow approximately 34 inches long with good soil and fertilizer. It is probably bigger than Monarch on occasions. This hybrid was made by Johnny Sheldon.
Yes,this is what I now understand.Apparently my source for this plant got it from the hybridizer so let us see how this develops.
It certainly is a great plant,somewhat slow initially but starts to develop big leaves over time.

Mike - what you have been calling Dreer Hybrid is in fact Fascination according to Jose.
Here is the little Fascination in the ground. Got this awhile back from Randy - said he did not know what it was. He got the parent plant from Mike Woolery. It got tagged Big Red Leaf from Bullwinkle.
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Now we know what its name is.