What Is It (WII) ?


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Here is one I got from Lamar more than a couple of years ago. He had no idea what it was. What really intrigues me about this cultivar is the "wavy" leaf margins not unlike a Piecrust.

Jose saw it and thought it to be named "Ruffles".

Tim saw it and did not think it looked like what he knew as "Ruffles".

Its a beauty. Any one else growing this one?

As the thread title goes, What is it ? :confused:
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Ron, the plant that you have I know as "Raja" not Ruffles. I don't know the origin but I have seen it in Mike Harris's garden one time and in another garden. I have two of these croton and in my observation when they are small the leaves have a lot of undulation but when they mature the leaves loose the undulation and the leaves get longer.
Jose, raja was one of our yard collections from way back. It was uncommon but widespread around dade and broward. Looks something like coppinger seedling page 105 in the book. Noone ever offered up any info on that one, so it got distributed under our inhouse name for lack of a better one.
Kurt, I appreciate your information. I'm very glad that you help on some of the doubts we have with some plants in this Forum. Thanks!
johnny S gave me this as raja, Bob A said this was believed to be a coppinger plant?


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Andy, that's actually a nicer plant, cronstadt. Put that one in high light and it gets very pretty. Johnny does have raja, and knows how to ID it, just a mixup somewhere.
just wait ron, i'm working at getting harold lee and bob alonzo on here, too. they are very interested in how positive this has become. you guys are doing a great job. i'm learning too