Vigna caracalla flower bud drop


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Hi everybody.

U have a quetion.
I have this plant for almost 3 years. And only have one mature bloom in it during this
Time. All the other bulbs droppes. They come and while they are only 3mm, they stop to develop
They dry out/wilt and fall of.

This happens every year. Last year it was standing in front of a south window.
I was misting the plant several times a day with no succes.

Now this plant stand inder a grow lamp with an aristolochia wich is giving billions of flowers.
This plant stand in front of a south faces window, with a sprinkler system, a mistmachine and a grow light.
I tried hpi grow and hps bloom lamp. All the plant grow rapidly. I doesnt give to much fertilizer because they told me this will cause bud drop. I gave only 2 times a solution of rainwater with sensigrow part a+b from advanced nutrients.

But still the flowerbuds drop. Soil is moist but ofcourse wet after
Watering an water is coming out from the bottom. Any reason why this happens
Every year? All the other plant growing fast.
Aristolochia had this problem several years ago but never happend again. I treated the plant the same
Way every year. Any suggestions? Any suggestions?