Understanding "Full Sun"


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On a recent trip to Hawaii I noticed a lot of palms in full sun that would get torched in full sun back home (Arizona). Yet my body seems to suffer the oppsite when I go to Hawaii I get burned much faster than in AZ. Why? I assume it has something to do with the lattitude and maybe more cloud cover in HI???? The V Merrillii are in full sun all over the place in HI but mine here in AZ is in almost full shade. Thanks


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Ryan - you forgot one obvious variable that I think we even talked about when you were here - humidity. The air is never dry in Hawaii. I can let a palm dry out in a pot and leave it for days, and it will be fine. Do that in California over a typical few days, and it will be crispy. When I started growing plants over here, after a lifetime in SoCal, the biggest single difference was the humidity - and everything it brings with it.