Under the Robellini

Jerry Shilling

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David, I hope you don't mind me borrowing from your "Under the Old Oak Tree" thread.

Jim Glock & Jeff Searle have given me so much **** over the years on my numerous Robellini's...but you sure can't beat them for perfect light. The Monarch leaves don't turn dark and it's growing like a weed. 428Under1.JPG428Under2.JPG 428Under3.JPG 428Under4.JPG 428Under5.JPG 428Under6.JPG 428Under7.JPG 428Under8.JPG 428Under9.JPG 428Under10.JPG
Jerry, where have you been!Finger Please don't stay away so long. I was so happy to see your post. Your Monarch is absolutely amazing. What incredible color without the black in the leaves. The flamingos also. Is that a cornbread or what is the veined plant?

Jerry, how many hours of sun do these get under these Robellinis? I remember you saying this was a south exposure?
Jerry, I have been present for some of the Robellini bashing, I was laughing out loud when I read your post. But just think how nice some of your crotons would look with a grouping of Hydriastele Obi Island instead!