two seeds emerging


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Yesterday I noticed an older flower spike, which at the time of bloom I had no male flowers to pollenate it with. Then a while back noticed there was one seed pod onthe very end...the last flower on that particular Captain Gilbert Cutler. Well, yesterday I notice two seedlings that have sprouted right there on the flower spike..... unusual? I ask... seems so to me. Any comments would be appreciated.


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I would expect that to be the old flower spike acting like a stem and producing a new growth from it. It doesn't have the shape of a seedlings growth and appears to have the leaf shape of new growth. I've had that happen before.
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I have also found several seedlings on old bloom spikes on Dreadlocks. Never seen it on anything else. Marnie
not seedlings, more like kikis on an orchid spike. george zammas told me his wizard of oz produced a plantlet this way, he grew it out, and it turned out to be red wizard.