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The names of the many varieties of the Ti plant can and will vary from place to place around the globe. I will grow my Ti with the name that was given to me when I acquired the plant or log. When I find a plant in the one of the so called "Big Box" stores I do a little research before attaching the name. Over time I will be posting threads of the Ti by name that I myself acquired the plant as. I hope others that follow will give input on names that they may also have the Ti growing under. I will take a quote from B.Frank Browns book ( The Cordyline King Of Tropical Foliage) pg 9 " If there are errors, we make no apology. We did our best with a complicated and confused situation".
Dean, I was worried about you with all these storms coming your way but it looks you are doing just fine :D

… and it is unfair that you use the smiley that we cannot use :(… And where is my blush??:mad:
Thanks Pix. The storm was blocked effectively by the two huge volcanos. The windward side took the brunt of the storm. We had little rain and no wind on the Kona side. A lot of my friends on the other side were not as lucky. :(
And all the smilies are also available to you - quite a few now. Just look for the tabs when you click on the smilie icon. :MJ::homer::baby:
And the errors are what adds to the fun. :hoe&rake
Fun alright. I have wanted China Boy after seeing photos of it. I found Dillingham and wanted it also. After getting Dillingham did a little research and found they are the same Ti with two different names. That's like killing two birds with one stone.