The "Swiss Cheese" Philodendron


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Monstera obliqua seems to have a few cultivars with varying degrees and arrangement of "swiss cheeseness." :)

Nevertheless, they are all pleasing to admire and add that tropical feel as they climb trunks and limbs of trees. They are manageable and fit into many motiffs, nooks, and crannies.

They are worth grabbing a cutting from a friend, next time you see one.

IMG_2319.jpg IMG_2318.jpg


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The photo reminds me of the ones I took in the Conservatory of Flowers rainforest greenhouse. Fogged up my glasses too.
I haven't seen Swiss Cheese plant in years for sale. From common to cant find them. With the drought the box stores are closing their nurseries already and the real nurserys look empty. A whole lot of blank spaces.