The Deerfield Beach Arboretum Croton Program


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The Arboretum is resuming our horticultural programs after our summer hiatus. The first program will be Mark Peters speaking on crotons.

Thursday, Sep 10th at 7pm. We will have a door prize and refreshments. Come on out and support the Arboretum!

Mark will also talk about the establishment of a curated Croton Garden at the Arboretum, where we will have varieties properly displayed with aluminum plaques naming them.

That's good news! Just in case some of us can't make the meeting, will you be able to take a few pictures and start a thread of that evening's meeting?

That's grrrrrrrreat Ricky!

I think it will be a fun night and a great kick-off for the garden.


Thanks for coming and also the offer for help, Lord knows we will need it! Mary Hillman, our "official" photograper will get some more photos for us.

Jerry - what is the status of the Croton Program? :p I would definitely be willing to help with the planting efforts. The rainy season is almost done, spring is the time to get the collection going in my opinion. :rolleyes:

Ron. :)
It is still plenty hot but we have to do some organizational work as well as clearing out a huge bed of Jasmine volubile. If you are going to Fawnridge's, we will talk more about it.
Jerry - I am sure that the Croton program got put on hold after the garden had to deal with the last two cold seasons. Is this program still on the back burner? I would be happy to establish a bunch of air layers next Spring for a donation. Does the garden have the funds for planting soil and Merit to prevent croton scale invasion? :confused: