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You can see the beginnings of the Codiaeum Connection Newsletter Page on the wiki, where it is planned to make past issues of this Croton Society Newsletter available for viewing.

Perry has uploaded three issues and I have displayed them in a manner that we think is acceptable for now. There are several other options and possibilities to display these, but for now, or at least until we get enough issues to make it worthwhile, this should suffice - perhaps with some minor improvements depending on how many we get, and over what length of time they cover.

Check it out here.
Four more were added tonight (if I did it correctly). Thanks Dean for organizing the display. More issues to come...
Four more are up. Some pretty good reading (and looking). Don't miss 'em.

CC-Sept2005.png CC-Nov2006.png CC-Dec2005.png CC-June2006.png
Seven more exciting issues - thanks Perry. That's all he has, but he is going to try to dig up more. If anyone can help, please do.

I'll be working on a better way to organize these and still make it easy to insert additional issues if they turn up. In addition, I'll figure out a good place to put an easy link to this page.

CC-Sept2008.png CC-Nov2009.png CC-March2009.png CC-July2011.png CC-June2010.png CC-May2008.png CC-Aug2009.png
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More newsletter posting are on the link above...added yesterday. Lamar, my time to spend on this project is limited, but if you could check out the issues posted and see if you have any which are missing. If so, take then to your friend or Office Depot and have them scanned as a PDF. Take a thumb drive with you to transfer them, then load them into your computer. After that, email them to me as a attachment. Thanks for your help.
I would like to stress that scanning is the least preferred method, but will have to suffice if not available otherwise.

However, it should be noted that all scanners are different. So I would suggest, before scanning a bunch of them, to first do one and take a look at it online. It would be a shame to scan a whole slew of them only to find out the scanner, or the setting on the scanner, was not up to the job. Some scanners have many settings that can get a little confusing if inexperienced. And some high quality scanners, if used at the highest settings can create some rather large files, which may be too large for posting online.

So, in other words...
- Original PDFs preferred.
- Scans should be tested before doing a lot of them.
I've got to see if Lee has them in some digital format. I didn't have any part in the preparation of the calendars, just newsletters, so I'm not sure how they were created.