Sybil Griffin question


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I was lucky to get a 12" cutting of Sybil Griffin in May.I cut half the leaves and then potted into a 1g pot.In moving the plant 2 months later I noticed that the roots outgrown the container so I repotted into a 2 gallon pot.Today I tried moving the plant to another location and found the roots firmly rooted into the ground again.All this time the plant has not put out a single leaf and looks the same as when I potted it.Is this normal??I know some palms (Copernicias) sometimes do this but I have not heard of crotons outgrowing 2 pots with no new growth??
As long as those roots are croton roots and not palm or anything else going into the pot, I would not worry. A nice SG from an earlier auction did not do much for a year and then took off when put in the ground. Roots are good!
Funny you mention palm roots.Today I was moving a few crotons that I keep under the canopy of a Canary Island date and the roots were exploding into the pots.The Sybil is in a different location so was unaffected by this.