Sybil Griffen

Jeff Searle

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Here's my Sybil recently in my garden. I was informed many years ago that this variety comes in two forms, one being bigger than the other. I have both forms in the yard and must admit, the smaller leaf one never seems to get the enormous size leaves as this one in the picture. Any feedback is welcomed.


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Marie Nock

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They're both so spectacular I've never understood why they share the name. They're different enough to each have a name.

Phil Stager

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Jeff - here's a few pics to add to the confusion: L to R
1. A big-leaf Glock grown SG acquired at a Society auction. This puppy came in on the cold nights!
2. This one and the following two were given to me by John Bender; two sticks in the pot. This particular shot is the most colorful this one has ever been for me - after get whacked by a Royal frond and last winter's cold.
3. This is the less colorful stick that sufferd no trauma.
4. This is the branch that got broken off #2 after being rooted by bag method.

All shots taken tonight; camera sees better than I do.

...and then there's the yellow and green version of SG....


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I've never seen the yellow and green form of Sybil Griffin. Is anyone on this forum growing this one ? :confused:

Here is a repost of Rob's picture of Sybil Griffin in his Croton Mecca thread. This is Judy's plant at the southern Glock compound. I caught myself trying to mentally measure Judy's head (when she was not looking) last weekend at Jeff's sale. Using Judy's head for scale, those leaves on her Sybil Griffin have to be at least 24" long or more. I think it may be safe to say that this croton may be the large leaf form of Sybil Griffin. :eek:


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