Surprise Sunday morning croton expert visit

Central Floridave

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While still in my underwear earlier this Sunday morning, a friend dropped by unannounced and with him was Cleofar. Cleo is Dr. Brown's Valkaria Gardens caretaker. I was like, "Cool". Half my plants are from him. So, it was an honor to have someone who for a long time has been a croton collector/propagator tour my garden.

He helped me name some of the croton I have and was stumped on some others. Its always nice to have someone who is respected and well known in the field come to tour your garden. It makes you a little apprehensive, but he said my yard looks really good. At one point he stopped and said, "you have a lot of croton." He was impressed!

For his kind words he drove off with juicy longan and mango for his drive back home.

A surprise visit I thought I would share. Luckily we had a party here last night and the yard was in tip top shape from Saturday's yard work.


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What???? No Pics. :)

I surprise visit to my garden would never find it in tip top shape. What good timing. In fact these days, even an announced visit would find my garden less than my ultimate vision.

Central Floridave

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It was a sneak attack with disclamer from the start that they had limited time. I thought camera, take pics, but I barely had time to put shorts/shirt on and gulp my morning coffee.

Thus, it was a quickee jaunt through the yard. I wanted to point out everything but not enough time, thus no photo.

My yard is far from perfect. Many imperfections (overgrown weeds). But, tip top to me is grass cut and a clean walking path through the garden. Presentable and doable for a party. If it was some sort of plant meeting or plant sale I sometimes have, I would feel naked with out a fresh layer of mulch around everything. Properly hedged plants, and vines machete'd back. No garbage visible is also a plus but we had a party here last night so there were a lot of empty beer bottles laying around.

thus, no photos, sorry!

Jeff Searle

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I can see you were quite excited when Cleo showed up. But......I would of asked him if he brought breakfast! Lol!!!

Cleo's not only a good croton guy, but he's becoming a great plantsman now. It's always a pleasure to spend time with him.