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There is a product called Superthrive that many Orchid growers use to "boost" their plants. It is reportedly full of vitamins and hormones. Some say it is hokey, others swear by it. It is not cheap.

I was using it as an amendment to my water soluble fertilizer when I was propagating small palms. It was also used with the soluble fertilizer as a root drench when planting a new palm. How effective it was can not be determined however, loss of a palm was rare.

This being said, I am curious if anyone is using this product on crotons ? Due to the expense, it does not seem prudent to use as a supplement in a water soluble fertilization program for established plants. I am curious if this product would be beneficial as an aid to establish cuttings? Or perhaps as an elixir for those plants that were really stressed by winter colds. Or if you take an air layer to find neglible amounts of roots?

Any thoughts or experience with this product on crotons? The Moose has not used this product on any of his crotons.


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I have not priced this product in years. It was over $150 per gallon in the past but it does go long way. At first it was used by me as a suuplement to my orchids. Later I used it on my palms as described in the previous post.


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I tested it back in the 1970's on bedding plants, poinsettias, and other plants using a control block and a treated block of plants, with all other factors (soil, water, fertilizer, environment) being the same, and could see no difference between the treated plants and the untreated plants...
The wild claims on the label always seemed bogus to me.
I 'd rather spend my money on fertilizer...


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I use Superthrive a few times a year with most of my plants, including Crotons. I have to admit, I'm not sure what it does but I am a big believer in making sure plants have all the micronutrients they might need - especially since I have a lot of potted plants (all my crotons are potted up here - I am in Delaware!). I also use it on my in-ground plants. It is expensive but you are only supposed to use a little drop in a gallon of water.

I have tried using it on some damaged or wilting plants. I think it might have helped in at least a few cases where I needed to keep a plant or branch alive long enough to recover from some physical damage. For example, I had a Cuphea plant where a major branch broke and it was laying next to the main plant - still attached but wilting fast. I was able to re-attach the branch using some rubber bands but it was still wilting. I fully expected to lose the branch, as the plant is out in the July sun and heat. Just for the heck of it, I gave the plant a shot of Superthrive - the wilting went away and now the branch seems successfully re-attached and growing again. So did Superthrive save it? Maybe...

This is the type of Cuphea plant ("David Verity") that broke and may have been helped with Superthrive.


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Ron, there are no micronutrients in Superthrive...
The active ingredients are small amounts of vitamin B1 and a rooting hormone (1-napthyl acetic acid).