Spring is Around the Corner ! Part 8


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These Crotons are planted on the south side of the garden and were protected from the wind:

1st photo is Stoplight. Little if any damage. Has stopped growing for nowbut nice colors.

2nd photo is Andreanum. Very little damage so far.

3rd photo is Picasso's Paintbrush. This one got wacked. Has lost about 60% of its leaves.

4th photo is Mrs. Iceton. This is in some pretty heavy shade and the leaves will color up slowly. No notable damage as of yet.

It is amazing to me what a 70 ft bit of difference, wind protection and sun exposure can do to help a croton along in the winter months.

Spring is on its way and are gardens will rebound! :cool:


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I will give Stoplight the green light for taking the cold. It came thru the cold here in Central FL with very little leaf drop. The other Crotons planted around Stoplight look dead. Mrs Iceton did very well for me also.