Spring is Around the Corner ! Part 7


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Further continuation of croton recovery in my garden:

1st photo is Red Eburnum. This lost alot of older leaves as opposed to the regular Eburnum posted in Part 2. This one is more protected but faired worst. Most new leaves remained. I need to trim this one back or make airlayers in the spring so it won't look so "leggy".

2nd photo is Diane. This is a tough croton. It has some leaf burn present but lost few leaves. Most leaf loss was from wind damage. I am impressed with it toughness and has been told to be that it is a strong grower. New leaves are emerging. :)

3rd photo is Kentucky. Lost alot of older leaves but the newer ones remained viral which suprised me. My suffering Ae Ae banana is in the foreground.

4th photo is Franklin D. Roosevelt. This one struggled with croton scale and was set back last summer. After getting the scale under control it came back in pretty good shape. I had very little (if any) defoliation on this cultivar so far. :rolleyes:

Spring is around the corner, hang in there! :cool:


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