Spring is Around the Corner ! Part 6


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More croton recovery in my garden:

1st photo is Charles Rutherford. It was looking a little sad but has hung in there. This large leaf cultivar is a bit slow, growing in some pretty heavy shade on north side of the house. Flushing new leaf buds.

2nd photo is Red Foot. This croton has been difficult for me. It originally got severe sun burn when originally planted it. Lost alot of leaves. It slowly started new leaves and appeared to be acclimating when the cold wave occurred. Now you can see its condition. It appears that it will make it but another severe front I do not think it could have survived. It was a stunner when I got it. We will see how it responds with a full growth season.

3rd photo is Coral Showers. Most of the ends of the interrupted leaves got toasted. Was flushing new leaf buds when the cold came. Buds are history but new ones are beginning to emerge.

4th photo is Thanksgiving. This was a little croton that was moved from a too shaded area and was just beginning to accelerate when the cold wave came. Has stopped growing. I figure it will start jumping around the end of March.

Don't fret Crotonheads, Spring is around the corner ! :cool:


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