Spring Around the Corner ! Part 4


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Some more croton updates in my Garden:

1st photo is John Bender #2 (Maximum). This had very little leaf drop and seems pretty hardy. Planted next to the Rudy Bachman. Stays in alot of shade and stayed relatively cold during the cold wave. Planted in Northwest corner of my house.

2nd photo is Christmas which I got at the the auction at our meeting at Ricky's house. This one continues to drop leaves. Planted in front of Rudy Bachman and diagonally from Piecrust. Seems pretty hardy relative to those cultivars.

3rd photo is William Jennings Bryan. This is another favorite of mine. Looks like it has not skipped a beat. I am suprised how well this one did with the cold.

4th photo is Wooten's Beauty. This one lost all its new leaves but looks to be rebounding nicely. I love the coloration on this cultivar.

Hang in there my fellow Crotonheads, Spring is around the Corner!!! :cool:


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