Some of Keith's beauties


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I was visiting Keith's yard yesterday and fortunately remembered to bring my camera. Wasn't really planning on taking any photos, but it was hard to resist a few. Here's some for you: The first is a Keith Hanks hybrid. I posted it in the past, but it shows even better color here. It's named Freak Show. I need to keep a space open in my garden just in case he releases this in the future. A girl's gotta hope.

Freak Show-KH.JPG


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Next is his beautiful Cornelius Halgrim showing great color right now, and George Zammas' hybrid named Lyanna Rose. I understand it's named after his daughter? Anyone know for sure? It's also a gorgeous croton.


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We've been talking about Yellow Charmer and here is Keith's example. Also, his David Murphy (Renfroe hybrid)

Yellow Charmer-Keith.jpg
David Murphy-Keith.JPG


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Sure would be nice if a Cornelius Halgrim and/or Freak Show made am appearance at the Croton Garden Tour / Auction in 23 days.



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Anna, I too have one of George's hybrid called Lyanna Rose. It's a moderate grower, but great color on a huge oak leaf.


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I'm the lucky recipient of a Lyanna Rose also, Rick. George is such a generous guy. Wish he would post here. Can't wait to see our babies grow.


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Yes, we are lucky, Lamar. Yours is gorgeous. It's a fantastic cultivar. I'm so glad George introduced it. Gotta see more of George's stuff. Hey George.........

Mark, I think it's an oak leaf. My understanding is that when a plant is still young, it frequently shows semi-oak leaves even if it is an oak leaf. As it matures, the oak leaves start coming. Not true for true semi-oaks, of course. Please correct me if I'm wrong, folks.