So Disturbing - Are We Doomed ???


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While loading my 10th truck load of mulch since Dec. 15th, I noticed something strange at the free munciple mulch depository. There was a crappy looking Brazilian Pepper growing along side of the fence, covered in sooty mold. Closure investigation revealed that it was infested with the green squishing scale that attacks crotons.

Brazilian Pepper is a noxious weed. Never seen any critter eat it. Birds won't nest in it. No predators I have ever noticed in like forever. Now this scale is sucking on it. If Brazilian Peppers are not safe - I find this most disturbing. Are we Doomed ??? :eek:


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Phil Stager

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Moose - Good observation. However, there's at least one other scale that looks similar to the one that infects crotons. See the paper by Catherine Mannion available free on the IFAS website. Did you report this to your local County extension? If not, do it so they properly ID it and they may even have some current info on it. I do not see Brasialian pepper as one of the commonly infected plants in the paper.


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Schinus terebinthifolius makes a nice back drop for crotons since 1842