Relatively common but sexy as hell

Crazy for Crotons

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General MacArthur

Jeff Searle

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Your right, it's an old, common croton, but when these look good, they are really nice! Some of mine are looking equally as nice with color.


Phil Stager

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Ray -

Concur with Jeff - a splendid plant when well grown and one that really demonstates the genetic drift within the variety. No two leaves look the same, but together they shout Gen Mac.


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Common amongst collectors but still not out there enough in my opinion. Don't see them in the big box stores. Nor do you find General MacArthur in nurseries unless they specialize in crotons. You find some nurseries with 10-20 varieties, generally grown for landscaping. General MacArthur is usually not one of them.

To me, General MacArthur and the Tortoise Shell have sparked many an interest towards the use of crotons in the garden. "oh those are lovely, hey those are actually crotons? The don't look like the crotons my Grandparents were growing back in the day".

Just my opinion ... but hey what does a moose know? :confused: