Raveneas - 'I don't get no respect'

Dave from So-Cal

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Well, some are a lot easier than others.

The problem with Ravenea is that they don't have the colors that the Dypsis do, and, at least here in California, they're not such easy grows.

The only ones I've had good luck with so far have been R. rivularis, R. glauca and, nominally, R. hilebrandtii. "The HIlls" got whacked severely in the January 2007 freeze and have not really recovered.


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What do you think about the "monticola" in the pic. That's been through some high 20s a few times, and remained a beautiful. And Louis Hooper has a nice one of those. I think it's possible that a few of the newer introductions may do just as well.

Nothing ventured, nothing grown. As the article says, you aren't giving them much respect. :)

What about that Ravenea 'giant' in Jeff's presentation? Darian is growing that one. I'll bet you there are a lot that are just as hardy as Ravenea rivularis and 10 times prettier.

Dave from So-Cal

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That's probably true, and I will venture. So far, I've had lousy luck with R. julietae, prestoniana, sambirinensis, anivokely and xerophylla (or however you spell that).

In obedience to my palm muse I will try others, when the chance arises.

And, rivularis is very nice, if it's in the right spot. There are some trule gorgeous specimens in my 'hood.