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A few pics of the yard. Been kind of quiet on the board...


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Polychrome and Plaid Oak looking great Phil.I will do a little posting once my stuff starts to get some size.Everything in the garden is a little small now,most of the plants are only 12-18 inches tall once they were planted in the ground.I am wondering if things will be big enough for a garden tour next April??I might have to give it one more growing season and delay tour until the fall of next year.That will give us two growing seasons to get the plants a little bigger.

A few pics of the yard. Been kind of quiet on the board...
Phil, what is the interrupted leaf croton in photo 5?

The plaid oak I acquired from you is doing great! I pinched it before I left on my trip, remembering your mantra, pinch early, pinch often. Now it's got several new small heads coming. It looks beautiful next to my favorite, Raphael, but gets quite a bit more sun than it does. Thanks so much for that beauty.
Looking really good Phil! Winter was kind to us again and it shows in the Crotons. Thanks for posting the pictures.
Thbis one was available at a tour last year; the yard along the highway. He had a load of them in the ground. I'm surprised it is not more popular since it is a great looker and grows fairly quickly and tolerates a wide variety of conditions.
Thanks, Phil. It is a beauty. I hadn't seen the name on the forum in the past. When I saw your photo it really caught my eye because usually, ones with a similar cascading habit and some interrupted leaves have red instead of pink in them. Is that true generally? The pink really drew me in, of course. Beautiful plant.

Phil I keep going back to the same photo. Is it similar to one that's named Trinidad interrupted leaf? I think I saw one at Jesse Durko's a couple of months ago but it was in an area that was not for sale. It was a beauty.

Here's a few more pics of Plant Creations #2. More shade = wider leaves and darker pinks. Lots of new growth right now but those yellows will turn to pink and red.


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