Potted Up


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In preparation for my move I've been potting up my crotons. I'm about 90% done, with almost 200 in pots. I probably will have some for sale, as I probably have about 50 too many. Once I find a new place & see what I have room for, I'll post a list of what's available.

Little Chief in 10 Gal


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Wow, Randy, that Little Chief is awesomeJawDrop. I am excited for you that you have a new garden waiting to be sculpted by you. You are an incredible gardener and now that you have all this experience, you get to do it right from scratch. How many times have I said to myself, "If I had to do it over." Let us know when you find your new place. You will have to show us each step! I'm looking forward to it. Two-hundred pots!!! The work ahead is daunting, though.