Off Topic : Ensete glaucum seeds


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I have about 400 fresh seeds I'd like to sell for cheap rather then trash them. This plant did exceptional for me and is uncommon in the nursery trade (at least here) seeds sell retail for about a buck a piece, I bought a 3gal seedling 2yrs ago for $15. I will clean them and sell the whole lot for a song and change if anyone has the time,space to grow them. PM if interested.
P.S, crotons grow great next to them since they don't pup! Great canopy plant! Max out around 8ft

This a great looking banana relative, but it's a no grow for here. I've tried them before but 2-3 years and they start to decline in a slow death. Not something for south Florida.....
I'm surprised Jeff. I can't grow the red abbysinnians (sp?) But this ensente survived the hot humid summer without missing a beat. Maybe called the snow banana but it handled one hell of a hot/humid summer this past year.