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I don't usually do this, but Alexander asked so nicely.

Dear Mr.Ouer,
I brought back a few hundred Sabal domingensis seeds from a trip to Samana, Dominican Republic several years ago. I managed to grow about 200 seedlings and gave most away as gifts.Of those two hundred one would appear to be variegated. I stepped it up along with about a dozen others(I have a very small yard in the Keys) and I planted it in my garden about five years ago and I've been keeping an eye on it since...It is a beautiful happy specimen and has remained variegated and not "grown out of it"...My question is this a common occurrence or do I have something interesting/rare?? I will attach a few photos and would love to hear back from you on this. Thank you so much.

Alexander Symington


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While I have only a very limited experience with Sabals, I think it is safe to say you have a very nice variagated one there. One in which it the variagation does not appear to be "burning" and creates a nice pattern. And no, this is not common at all. It would be considered a rare, but not unheard of phenomena.

Perhaps some other who know more about this particular palm can add some more info.
One input I would like to make to Alexander is that as that tree ages and begins to set seed, there are folks that would like to try the seeds out to see if any come out true to the parents expression. The Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society seed bank would be a good place to donate future seeds. It is well known and the money helps the chapter. I know for a fact that I would like to grow out some of these seeds as they come around. We have several variagated Sabal palmetto around my area but they are all very young. Yours is indeed a rare palm.
I would agree thats a nice rare palm! Ive heard of palmetto being variegated, so domengensis could do it as well.

definently share the seed when it sets. it may have a greater chance in the offspring.

It looks horrible. You need to dig it up imediately and I will bring my truck over and remove it for you. Make sure you leave me a nice big rootball. :rolleyes:

Seriously, those petioles look very interesting! :cool: