Nervia and Batik


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Hi everyone,
I just went out and purchase some crotons to replace the ones I lost in the 2010 winter. I just did a head count. I am not the collector that many of you are but I thought it was funny that 8 plants look rather good ( but small) and 8 completely died . Coppinger put out two puny little stems from the roots and then stopped growing. I took them off and I am trying to root them Even though I put hay around them for warmth, the plants that grow slowly and I had far up under the oaks pulled out of the cold damage very fast.

I also bought two plants that I haven't had yet. One is Nervia and the other is Batik. Assuming I take care of them right , what is the growth rate one these ? We have a no-zee neighbor that I would like to block the view of the garage from. But it is also under a large oak tree.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Crotons take a long time to become screening size by themselves, with a few exceptions (zone 10b). Faster varieties might grow 8-10" per year but usually less when they are young. Crotons do well in a screen that also has some small stature palms or hardwoods that can get a little more height.
Batik has a slowish growth rate and and stays deminutive in stature.

Need screening type crotons, try some fast growing Purity or Diane. ;)

Sorry to hear about your No-zee neighbors. :(
Thanks Moose for the suggestions.

We have a live oak out front and we need to put something under it so my husband can hang out in the garage and not be seen from the road.
Its a very shady area. We thought about a wooden fence painted international safety orange , but we will try crotons first. Thanks again.