My Wife thinks I am Nuts!


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My wife has been very busy this summer taking a math class at Miami-Dade Community College. It required much of her time. She completed and passed her final. With all the rain, she just got a chance to get back in the yard last weekend. She knew that I was doing "something" in the yard. Well she saw all the potted up air layers and other stuff I am growing to be added to the Moose Land landscape.

"What are you nuts? Where did all these Crotons come from? :eek: I don't think Pam has embraced the Croton Bug. :p

Perhaps Crotons Anonymous may be in my future. :rolleyes:


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Moose this is for you...:D


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tell the wife if she was around more you wouldnt have to go nuts, looks great , or maybe if she was home more you would really go nuts and buy more plants ,or let her work harder so you can have more money to go more nuts with.