Lowest Low for 2010 ?


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2010 is nearly done. :eek: What was your worse low in your garden for the whole year ??? :confused:

Jeff Searle

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I'm starting to see a pattern with my yard and the nursery. Most of you have been to my house and nursery and know that their only seperated by a mile, maybe two, by the way the crow flies. Again this morning, the house (31) was more colder than the nursery(34). And it has been running 2-5 degrees colder at the house, even earlier this year when we all got blasted. But F*#% it, life goes on! :) I will take cold weather any day over a hurricane. Brrrrr:)


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2010 The lowest temp for me came on Jan 11 with a 26f low. Looked at the 2010 history on my weather station and found, 8 dates with below freezing temps and a total of 43 hrs below the 32f mark.

Crazy for Crotons

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I disagree Ron. The 26F last January had no frost and it was BAD. Advective freezes eliminate any microclimate. When it's calm, it's warmer next to structures and under trees. I've also never seen frost under my oaks.