liquid fertilizer


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Just wondering who here is using the liquid fertilizer? I know we have discussed it before.
After hearing from the Glocks, I use the Azalia liquid fertilzer, i absolutely notice a huge difference in the color and size of my crotons, and the speed they grow.

Never have I seen such vibrant colors, and the size of the leafs are amazing! my Pinoccio looks like the size of my hand!


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Rob - I do the same. I sometimes switch to 20-20-20 every 2nd or third feeding. At times my big box store does not have the Azalia (for acid loving plants) soluble fertilizer available. I need to find a source that sells in 25 lbs. bags. Orchids love it as well. For granular fertilizer I use 7-4-5 for acid loving plants from AFEC. It has milorginite as the main source for nitrogen and can have be a bit of an odor for a week or two. Dogs are sometimes attracted to that odor and may dig I have experienced.