Crazy for Crotons

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Very, very wide lobes




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I disagree with that, I definitely don't think its a President Reagan. The outer lobes are too pointed.

Jeff Searle

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No Exotica, no Krukonis and not real sure on a PR, probably not, but again, not sure.

For to be a Krukonis, the tip of the leaf needs to have a flared or bell end, and not come to a point.

Crazy for Crotons

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Reagan doesn't have such long outer lobes. I know it's not the actual Krukonis but it has the longest outer lobes of any croton outside of the Krukonis pictured in the book.


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All three of these are from the same plant which has been identified several times as President Reagan. I believe the photos you've posted above, are the same variety.


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Crazy for Crotons

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Ricky, your plant looks like a Reagan for sure. The mature leaves are light pink not red in the plant I posted. I've got a Reagan also and the two plants have very different color when sitting side by side. The outer lobes are also longer on this mystery plant.


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Mr. Searle, of course you can see a picture, come over and you can even touch it! the croton that is.


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Crazy for Crotons

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My plant is pretty young too. The one in the photo is the mother plant on Oahu. I'll check mine later and see how it compares with your photo. From the photos of the big plant, I'd say you're right.

Marie Nock

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There's a black and white picture in Exotica so it's been around for a long time. Johnny Shelton identified my plant a number of years ago.


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Chris (pocomo) told me he will be bringing one or two small Arthur Howes to the Croton Tour tomorrow. :)