Island Breeze ?


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Did Bob Alonso ID Island Breeze as a White Anne Rutherford at the Glock's Croton Holiday Social? :rolleyes: Does anyone remember that occuring? :confused:

Ron. :)

Jeff Searle

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I won with a bid for an unrooted cutting that is now inside a bag and will hopefully root.

I believe there was a plant that was auction off, but I have no idea who got it.

Phil Stager

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Here's a few pics taken tonight with a flash. First two are from plant in shade; last two are from one in near full sun. More sun: more white.


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Jeff Searle

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OK, I have two questions.

First, did this "white" form originally come off of a Ann Rutherford croton? Plain and simple, yes or no?

And second, what name should be correctly applied? Because it is a form off of Ann Rutherford, should it be correctly called a or the "White Form" of AR?

OR....who ever found this sport, has the right to name it something differently, for example "Island Breeze"? And if I'm assuming either way of naming a croton could be correct, was Island Breeze the first named used? Think on this one people!:)